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SABIS: Art-ventures with Penguins and Polar Bears
When: Jan 23, 2019 12am to Apr 24, 2019 12am in Springfield, MA
PMI-ACP Certification Training Course in Springfield, MA
The PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training program will help you to understand the basics and concepts of agile methodologies, including Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean Development, and Feature-Driven Development (FDD). The PMI's Agile Certified Practitioner certification formally recognizes your knowledge of agile principles and your skill with agile techniques. You will get special recognition from your company, stakeholders and peers. We are registered partner with Project Management Institute, Scrum Alliance, IASSC, ASQ, IIBA and AXELOS to provide customized pre exam professional training and coaching classes. PMI-ACP training package includes : 3Day Classroom Training 21 Contact Hours (21 PDUs) 180 days of high quality E-learning 97.6% success rate ACP Exam Tips, Techniques and Mock test 100% Money Back Guarantee Revision Session on Request Real-time Scenarios from various Industrial Verticals We assure that, all our training classes are confirmed to run with no cancellations and no rescheduling. You can confidently make your training plans with our confirmed classes. Other Training Courses: CAPM | PMP | LSSGB | ITIL | CSM | CEH | CCBA | CBAP | CEH Use Promo Code – ICERT20 to avail 20% of discount on all our above training courses I Look forward for your registration. Contact Us : iCert Global LLC E-mail: icertglobal@gmail.com Website: www.icertglobal.com Call Us Now: +1 (713)-287-1187.

When: Apr 24, 2019 9am in Springfield, MA
PMI-RMP Classroom Training in Springfield, MA
Key Features: 3 days classroom training 30 PDUs on completion of 3 days of classroom training 100% Money Back Guarantee* Group discussions facilitated through classroom training Downloadable e-book Assistance with the PMI –RMP® Exam Application Form with end-to-end support via phone, email and chat About PMI-RMP® PMI RMP Training is subject to risks at every stage, and these risks can have severe consequences on the execution and smooth progress of a project. It is of critical importance that project planning should include identification of potential risks, measures to mitigate threats as well as appropriate responses that curtail the harmful effects of such risks. Project Risk Manager is a role that has been created to fill the real need for a professional who can assess, analyze and curb risks while still maintaining a basic level of competence in project management. The Project Management Institute-Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® credential recognizes a Risk Managers expertise in identifying project risks and mitigating threats, while making the best of available opportunities. It also certifies that you have basic knowledge and skills in all areas of project management. Our 3-day course will hand hold you through Project Risk Management concepts, tools, techniques and processes based on different project and risk management standards including but not limited to the Project Management Institute(PMI)®standards and will train you for a specialized role in project risk management. It will also prepare you to sit for the PMI-RMP® certification Exam.   What you take away from the training! Learn to apply risk management practices for greater competitive advantage Understand how to identify and measure risks in project development and implementation Quantify and create risk response strategies to deliver products that meet stakeholder expectations Use a proactive and focused approach to preventing problems, rather than dealing with them once they occur Increased visibility within the company Greater career growth Who should apply? This course would provide value to: Risk Managers and Analysts Project Managers, Associate Project Managers, IT Project Managers, and Senior Project Managers Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, and Project Leaders Team Leaders, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Sponsors, and Project Team Members seeking PMI-RMP® certification Eligibility: To apply for the PMI-RMP® Credential, you need to have either: A Secondary Degree (High School Diploma, Associate’s Degree, or the Global equivalent), with at least 4,500 hours of Project Risk Management experience and 40 hours of Project Risk Management education OR A Four-year (4 year) degree with at least 3,000 hours of Project Risk Management experience and 30 hours of Project Risk Management education Process: To apply for the PMI-Risk Management Professional Certification Exam: Register and log in to PMI’s Online System to get started. You can always refer the PMI-RMP Handbook for further information. Please note that as part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements program, a PMI-RMP® credential holder will need to earn 30 PDUs in the specialized area of project risk management per three-year cycle. PMI-RMP® Training - Course Agenda Introduction to Project Risk Management Overview and Risk Management Fundamentals as per PMBOK5 Plan Risk Management Risk Management Plan Contents Create Risk Management Plan Communication and Leadership Building a Communication Foundation General Management and Leadership Skills Stakeholder Management Identify Risks Tools and Techniques for Identifying Risks Contents of The Risk Register Risk Register’s Update Cycle Risk Analysis Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk Analysis Outputs Plan Risk Responses Risk Response Planning Risk Response Strategies Risk Response Planning Outputs Risk Monitoring and Control   Why Zillion Venture Inc? Zillion Venture's training is the best and value for time & money invested. We stand out because our customers Get trained at the best price compared to other training providers. Get trained by the best trainer in the industry. Get accesses to course specific learning videos. Get 100% Money back guarantee*. Training Fee Early Bird:  Booking at least one month prior to the class start date Training Venue Venue will be confirmed to the classroom participants one week prior to the workshop start date and online participants will get the session attendance link before 4- 5 days of the training start date. Venue is finalized one week prior to the start date so that we can accommodate last minute rescheduling from the participants and we do not incur additional cost for rescheduling or cancellation. For more details please contact us at (john@zillionventure.com) or call us at 281-810-9891

When: Apr 24, 2019 9am in Springfield, MA
Light up your Life
When: Apr 24, 2019 11:30AM in Springfield, MA
Smartphone Trivia Wednesdays w/ Bobby Roast Beef
Bobby Roast Beef hosts one of Western MA‘ best evenings of weeknight fun! Perfect for a 1st or 50th date, or a fun night out with friends or coworkers. This game show is far from your typical bar trivia night. Fast, fun, and highly engaging, Smartphone Trivia offers much more variety in content for this general knowledge quiz. Plus, there’s lots of awesome bonus point opportunities throughout the game. Individual players or teams up to 7 are allowed, so grab your Apple or Android device and come on down Sign in begins at 630pm and the first question is slated to fire at 7! Just come out with one phone per team needed and instructions will be provided on how to get connected when you arrive!  RSVP with a free ticket and get a 25 point bonus, just check in with Bobby when you arrive and get signed in! 

When: Apr 24, 2019 6:30PM in Springfield, MA
Bobby Roast Beef
When: Apr 24, 2019 6:30PM in Springfield, MA
Irresistible 101 - A Pre-Recorded Online Class for Women Looking for Men
Attention single women tired of wasting time on the wrong guy… NEW! Unprecedented Method to Magnetize the Men to You! Learn simple shortcuts to put you in control of your dating decisions. (Note: This is a pre-recorded workshop chock-full with valuable coaching instruction, exercises and homework designed to get you to release your blocks and become Irresistible to the opposite sex. When you purchase this amazing 3 part series, you can watch immediately and as many times as you need to solidify the teachings! Instructions to watch will be sent via email after you sign up. All you need is your computer/phone/tablet and a great internet connection!) Are you tired of attracting in men who are emotionally unavailable or just want ‘one thing.’? Or even worse, you meet a great guy but YOU just aren’t feeling the spark? I’m going to show you in only 3 steps how to ONLY attract to you men who are emotionally available that you can’t wait to see again! ARE YOU READY FOR A GUY WHO APPRECIATES YOU EXACTLY FOR WHO YOU ARE? When you learn these secrets to become irresistible you will magically start to attract to you men who: … pay attention to you and your needs, … appreciates you for exactly who you are, … and makes you feel like the most cherished woman in the world. Irresistibility 101 is your fastest track to a deep and lasting connection with a high quality man. Once you learn the secrets in Irresistible 101, you will ONLY attract in the best of the best! Now you can finally have a relationship made of high-intensity love and the deep connection and conversations that only soulmates have. This is a very simple way to reveal what it takes for you to be a high quality and irresistible woman! Finding A High Quality Man Starts With You BEING A High Quality Woman. It’s NOT a fairytale to believe in happily ever after — it’s completely possible and YOU are the Princess who can make that happen…once you learn the secrets of Irresistibility! I promise you, once you BECOME a high-quality Irresistible woman, you will only attract high-quality men to you. It’s easy to find soulmate level love when you learn how to BE the energy of soulmate level love. Irresistibility 101 shows you how to: BECOME the high-vibe Princess worthy of a high-quality man STOP with the most common dating mistakes so that you approach the ‘dating game’ with a whole new mindset and expectation RAISE YOUR VIBRATION with a couple simple steps so that you vibrate at a whole new frequency ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to become irresistible to men? Are you ready to become so magnetizing that high quality men are naturally attracted to you? Are you ready to become so irresistible you'll want to date yourself? ;) Now is the time to do something different! Sign up for the 3 part masterclass and become Irresistible immediately! When you sign up for this 3 part Pre-Recorded masterclass, you'll instantly receive: instant access to 3 videos with over 2 hours of content teaching you how to become irresistible, not only to men, but to everyone around you! accompanying PDF's meant to accelerate the process and increase your vibrancy and irresistibility guided meditation created specifically to remove any blocks you have to being highly sexually attractive to the opposite sex action steps to implement immediately in order to raise your vibration and magnetically attract high-quality men to you! access to my private Facebook group where you can connect with like minded individuals who are also on the quest to long-lasting and fulfilling relationships Within hours you’ll literally learn how to become a high-quality woman who is simply magnetic to high quality men! WARNING: Do not sign up for this 3 part series if you’re only looking to date casually. You will ABSOLUTELY attract high-quality men to you that are looking to commit! Do NOT play around with hearts like that. ---- - client love - ---- Says Jodie: WOW! These videos and just working with you over the past few months has really pushed me to investigate my thoughts on a regular basis. I don't think that I have ever been this mindful of my belief system and how it operates. I finally TRULY understand how powerful our thoughts can be, but also how simple it can be to take charge and change your life. (If you're ready) The information was really inspiring, uplifting and motivational. The videos were light-hearted, fast moving and a lot of fun to watch/listen to. This masterclass is good for any woman who wants to be empowered and take control of her life! It is for folks who are stuck in unhealthy thought patterns and people who keep hitting walls in their lives, whether it be their romantic lives, their professional lives or their personal lives. I think this material is also good for anyone who is on a spiritual journey and wants to understand the link between spirituality and love. This is for anyone who is willing to take a critical and deep look at their behavior and is ready for a new way to be in the world; A way that will bring them peace, harmony and empowerment. Says Christine: I started your program on Sunday and was asked out on a date by that night. I was then asked out by another man the next day and another last night! I have a date tonight, Thursday and Friday! Wow! Just last week I was thinking to myself in frustration that I should be going on at least three dates every week with many men asking me out. Then here I am this week and it's happening. This is SO fun!! The way I've always known in my heart it should be for a beautiful, intelligent young woman like myself. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for putting yourself and your work out there for others to utilize and benefit from! I'm excited to see what happens next. Says Chelsie: This is great. If only more women knew how to BE the prize. It would solve so many relationship issues. Thanks for this! Says Susan: You make this all seem so easy. I always thought dating was so hard and I had to learn how to ‘play the game.’ But not anymore! Following your advice, I have not 1, not 2, but 3 dates lined up this weekend with high-quality men! Says Corie: I'm now dating the most amazing man! Thanks to you! Says Sheila: Woah! I walk down the street and notice that many heads are turning as I walk by! This truly is amazing! Says Jackie: This all makes perfect sense to me, now. I see how I was the one preventing myself from attracting in my prince charming. No more toads for me! Says Emilie: Everything I read from you makes so much sense! You have provided the missing pieces and NOW I fully feel armed to make the right choices in regards to love. I MIGHT NOT HAVE STRESSED ENOUGH JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT YOU SHOULD SIGN UP NOW! You'll be doing yourself a favor in terms of your (future or current!) relationship by adding this knowledge to your life. But you have to MOVE FAST. You’re already most of the way there! If you’re still searching for the perfect man, time is wasting! You’re not getting any younger! The longer you sit there thinking about it... the more fears will creep in and you’ll talk yourself out of it….and you’ll be doomed to continue the same pattern of your past. It's time to become Irresistible to Men! xo Emyrald

When: Apr 24, 2019 7pm in Springfield, MA
Manifest Your Soulmate (Pre-Recorded L O V E Attraction Workshop)
Join us for a virtual two-hour LOVE ATTRACTION Masterclass designed to (finally) manifest the love of your life to you!  (Note: This is a recorded workshop chock-full with valuable coaching instruction, exercises and homework designed to get you to release your blocks and manifest your love. When you purchase this amazing class, you can watch immediately and as many times as you need to solidify the teachings! Instructions to watch will be sent via email after you sign up. All you need is your computer/phone/tablet and a great internet connection!) Learn the simple 4 step process designed to Attract in the Love of Your Life in as little as 8 weeks!  Step 1: PREPARE YOURSELF TO ATTRACT A GREAT LOVE - Unravel the true desires of your heart and no longer be ashamed of what YOU really want to have, be and accomplish in life! - Design a road map to Happily Ever After that takes into consideration the unique needs and desires that you have. No longer be ashamed to admit what YOU really want. - Get crystal clear in what you want in a partner so you can attract in a match who is 100% of what you want! Not 80%. Not 90%. But 100% in alignment with the real you! Step 2: RELEASE OLD PATTERNS AND DEVELOP A PROCESS TO ALIGN WITH A HIGH-QUALITY MATCH - You'll learn how to STEP INTO YOUR POWER and let go of past excuses that have held you back from being who you really are and having what you really want (love) - Heal past traumas from prior relationships including your parents and past lovers so that your heart is open and available for love Step 3: MASTER THE ATTRACTION PROCESS -Boost your self-confidence and love the dating process which will increase the amount of dates you get and quality of dates (no more men just wanting that ‘one thing’ or ghosting you) - The 'F' word - learn the power of forgiveness...which (spoiler alert!) is 100% necessary to happen before you can actually be with your soulmate Step 4: GET READY TO MANIFEST YOUR LOVE - Uncover the magic of the universe and learn how to REALLY manifest the desires of your heart instead of being disappointed...again - Understand the Law of Attraction (whatever you put out, you get back in return) and how to harness its power to attract to you the perfect match for you  - Get excited about (and create!) a wonderful new life that you don't even recognize filled with love, support and joy! It's no secret that my techniques work. Just see what past clients have to say:  "It took us less than 24 hours to realize we had been calling each other in - we were 100% of what we had been manifesting the past year and more intensely leading up to the end.Fast forward 7 weeks we have not left each other once!!! All the times he was manifesting me, I was manifesting him. I had more from these past 7 weeks then any of my previous partners. He's loving, kind, gentle, beautiful human and we are so so so in love. There is something very divine around our connection and words are an understatement.I write this not to be bold but to let you know that ALL IS POSSIBLE for you, all is here when you trust to open your hearts and dare to dream beyond what you perceive in the present moment." -Zoe, the U.K. "Sorry I’ve been out of contact Emyrald. I’ve been in a love bubble since our chat. I’ve got a new man! He meets almost all of my HUGE list of non-negotiables. He just keeps blowing my mind the more I get to know him. It’s just amazing how fast manifesting has worked for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Angie, Australia "That list you had me make of my ideal man - it's by my bed - and it's HIM! I wrote HIM down on a sheet of paper!" - B. U.S.A.  Join us worldwide from the comfort of your living room (or bedroom) for a 2 hour  L O V E  Attraction Masterclass and learn how to attract in your perfect love.  About your host, Emyrald Sinclaire:  As an international speaker, author and love coach, Emyrald works with successful and spiritual women who are tired of being alone, haven't had time for a relationship and are absolutely ready (RIGHT NOW!) to learn the proven steps to attract in Mr. Right. She also coaches couples in relationships so that they can clearly communicate their needs and desires in order to feel heard and experience feeling loved, safety and happiness in their relationship. Emyrald frequently appears on stages offering inspirational and practical advice for single and couples alike who are looking for soul-shaking love and a healthy foundation for their relationships. Today, Emyrald and her team at EmyraldSinclaire.com are focused on transforming single women and couples around the world through weekly videos and challenges, group coaching programs and intensive 1:1 coaching for those who are ready for Happily Ever After…today! Emyrald frequently appears in the media, including TV interviews and newspaper articles on her speed dating and "Attract the One" events, in addition to online podcasts and international tele-summits attended by thousands. She has one of the most passionate followings in the industry! Emyrald’s mission is to help 500,000 women to manifest the love of their lives using the tools that she outlines in her books, her online programs, her 1:1 private coaching, and keynote presentations.

When: Apr 24, 2019 7pm in Springfield, MA
Ceramic Open Studios: Painting & Glazing
Come join us for a Ceramics open studios session!  Pour your piece, clean your piece, or paint your piece or try all three!  All materials included.  $20/person. Purchase your ticket ahead of time as space is limited.   Street meter parking is free after 6pm and on the weekends. We will also validate parking at the Taylor Street Parking Garage right nextdoor! Your host, Pioneer Valley Artspace, has been hosting public workshops and classes for years in Connecticut and have recently begun hosting classes at Make-It Springfield. 

When: Apr 24, 2019 7pm in Springfield, MA