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USA Triathlon MA Women's Triathlon Athlete Recruitment Combine event
When: Aug 10, 2019 12am to Aug 11, 2019 12am in Norton, MA
Reiki Level 1 Certification
Reiki is a Japanese stress and relaxation technique that promotes healing through the intentional channeling of universal life force energy. Laura DeSimone is an experienced teacher whose spiritual and life pursuits center around Love. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and is training to become a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Laura's mission is to help people reconnect with their true authentic selves by sharing lessons learned along her journey. In this class you will learn: • Introduction to Energy• Flow of Life Force Energy• Meridians• Chakras • Reiki – What is it?• History of Usui Reiki• Giving Reiki• Effects of Reiki• The Five Reiki Principles• The Three Levels of Reiki• The Reiki Attunement Process• Hand Positions for Self and Others The class will be a mixture of classroom instruction, guided activities, and hands-on healing by class participants. Each participant will undergo a Reiki I attunement from Laura that opens and aligns their universal life force energy channel to promote self-healing and healing of others.Please bring: notebook, favorite pen, blanket, pillow, light jacket, lunch, and waterCoffee, tea, and light refreshments will be servedClass participation will be limited to 6. The class fee is $175. A payment of $50 will insure your participation.  The balance of $125 is due by 8/4/19.  We will contact you with details.Please register via EventBrite or contact me, Sue Wachta at SueWachta@gmail.comI'm also happy to answer any questions you may have.Warmly,Sue

When: Aug 11, 2019 10am in Norton, MA
When: Sep 21, 2019 9pm in Norton, MA
Chicken- Clicker Camp
Ever wonder what it would be like to train a chicken? That's exact what we will be doing! Learn how to initiate training your chicken to do things such as choose a particular color of chip in a pile of multiple colors. Walk around cones, dance, play soccer, raise a flag on a pole? This will be a fun 2-day (9am-5pm each day) adventure that will expose you to animals and even help train your dog better! Yes that's correct! We will learn the basics of clicker training and put on a live show with our chickens performances. Refreshments and lunch will be served. Choose your weekend in October.  We will have 3 different chicken training weekends.  Hurry spots will fill- 15 students max  Family discounts Ages 10+ welcome

When: Oct 12, 2019 8am in Norton, MA
When: Dec 14, 2019 9pm in Norton, MA