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Theater in the Open
When: Mar 27, 2018 12am to Aug 24, 2018 12am in Newburyport, MA
Jesus Christ Superstar
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics by Tim Rice. What's the buzz? The first musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to be produced for the professional stage, Jesus Christ Superstar has wowed audiences for over 40 years. A timeless work, the rock opera is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary and universally-known series of events but seen, unusually, through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. The iconic 1970s rock score contains such well-known numbers as "Superstar," "I Don't Know How to Love Him" and "Gethsemane."

When: Aug 10, 2018 12am to Aug 26, 2018 12am in Newburyport, MA
B: Theater Arts Workshop Session 4
When: Aug 13, 2018 12am to Aug 24, 2018 12am in Newburyport, MA
D: Exploring Movement
When: Aug 13, 2018 12am to Aug 24, 2018 12am in Newburyport, MA
E: Adventures in the Open Extended Day Program Week 8
When: Aug 20, 2018 12am to Aug 24, 2018 12am in Newburyport, MA
Maritime Bike and Beer Tour
Bike the MA North Shore and Cape Ann from brewery to brewery. Taste award-winning craft beers inspired by the region's maritime heritage such as Fisherman's Brew at Cape Anne Brewing, Boston Ale at Salem Beer Works, Ipswich Ale at Ipswich Brewery and much more. Tour includes beer tastings, lodging, [...]


When: Aug 21, 2018 1pm in Newburyport, MA
Cost: $2,725
Guided Meditation with Dr. Sean
If you are new to meditation or unsure about what to expect, we invite you to join us! This is always a judgment-free, loving & light-filled group of individuals (patients or not). We would love to see you at our next meditation! We encourage everyone to arrive between the time window of 6:50 - 7pm. The front door is locked between 6 - 6:50 pm for Dr. Sean and Jacqui to prep the office for the mediation. The meditations begin at 7:10 pm and they last as long as an hour. If you do arrive after 7:10, you will notice that the office door is locked. This is so we have a non-interrupted meditation & so everyone can dive fully into their silence. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why does Dr. Sean provide Guided Meditation?It's hard with or without kids to have an hour to yourself, so this is why we encourage (especially parents!) to our free hour of pure relaxation, right here in the office! Just to quiet your mind, enjoy the silence and recharge yourself through meditation. Also- Dr. Sean is an Initiated Celtic Shaman! Do I have to be a patient? And can I bring someone who is not a patient?No, you do not need to be a patient, and OF COURSE, you can bring a friend! Patient or not, this is open to anyone and everyone who needs just 1 hour of stillness! So I'm interested...What should I expect?This is a guided transformational meditation, designed to help you break through blockages that are holding you back while connecting you to your center and highest purpose. With this meditation that Dr. Sean will be leading, we will be using various shamanic techniques to help you transform to higher levels of being. Old emotional energies, old thought patterns, and various blockages can be released in a single life-changing meditative experience. What do I wear, what should I bring?Wear whatever you are comfortable in! (We just hope it's not black-tie formal attire because then we would all be underdressed for the occasion!) The only thing you need to worry about bringing is YOURSELF! And if you'd like a bottle of water... but we have that here! You won't need a yoga mat. We have chairs for everyone to relax in. Is this for anyone, or is it ideal to have practiced meditation in the past?This is for ALL LEVELS! If this is your 1st time or your 10th time, we encourage everyone to join. Meditation is very simple and it's for anyone interested! This is a guided meditation, you can have an incredibly deep meditation even if it is your first time meditating! Because of the way the space is prepared and the energy is held, even people who normally have a lot of difficulty quieting their mind will be able to relax at a very, very deep level! Where is this located?Right here at the office! 24 Vernon Street - Newburyport, MA.! We are located right behind Lynch's Pharmacy right off of Carey Avenue! "It's taken me just under a year to really dive deep into these meditations now. For a while I couldn't get out of my own head. Sitting still was never an ideal situation for me until now! I have been able to really heal some deep underlying internal battles I had been struggling with for years through these meditations. The consistent group of individuals who join these are absolutely AMAZING and I believe that their warm spirits are what make the meditations even more rewarding. I continue to come to these meditations to continue my healing journey... and you should too! Thanks, Dr. Sean for creating such a powerful, rewarding Tuesday evening every time!" - Britta  " I didn't know what to expect going on for the first time. I was hoping for something good after reading the info. What I got from it was so much more than I could ever have imagined. Wow!! I'm looking forward to the next one. " - Johnnie "Every time I attend one of Dr. Sean's meditations, no matter what I'm carrying emotionally/energetically/mentally, I always leave feeling lighter and more equipped to face what I'm dealing with. The relaxing and inviting atmosphere that Dr. Sean creates for his patients and fellow meditation practitioners is one where you can fully let go and dive deep into your subconscious trusting that he will lead you towards discovery and healing." - Danielle "During meditation, your mind is free to wander.... I'm trying to get my mind to stop thinking so that my heart/soul can be heard. The times that my mind has been quiet, I've experienced an intense feeling of joy/love in my heart. This is why I keep showing up!" - Susan " I have been going to these guided meditations for as long as I have been a patient to help me focus more on myself and less on the stress. It has helped my sleeping tremendously, focus on my breathing techniques and concentrate on listening to the prompts to be in the moment. It has been therapeutic with these sessions." - SZ

When: Aug 21, 2018 7pm in Newburyport, MA
Yonder Mountain String Band
Yonder has its roots in the year 1998, when the original quartet came together in Colorado. Through steadfast gigging in all manner of venues from small clubs to massive outdoor festivals, Yonder Mountain String Band quickly built a robust fanbase while continually experimenting to define its sound. Some of the most fervent audiences were at jam band shows and festivals, where fans took readily to YMSB's potent mix of the traditional bluegrass of Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers and Doc Watson and the improvisational sensibilities of the Grateful Dead and Phish. Also deeply ingrained in the band, albeit more subtly, was a fierce love for punk. "We didn't even hear bluegrass until our 20s," says Aijala. "Falling in love with the sound of bluegrass instruments, while also having all of these outside influences that had nothing to do with bluegrass -- well, what comes out isn't what we envisioned."

When: Aug 22, 2018 8pm in Newburyport, MA
Meet Beach Creatures
Most programs require pre-registration. Fee(s) may apply, and there may be limited space. **Note: locations, events and programs are subject to changes and cancellations. Location listed may be the sponsoring organization, but not the event location. Check the event link, or call, before visiting this location for this event. Learn more about this MA Audubon program by visiting the event link here: http://www.massaudubon.org/get-outdoors/program-catalog#program:program_code=60826 **Location detail: Joppa Flats Education Center

When: Aug 23, 2018 10am in Newburyport, MA
Cost: See event link
Kjaer Weis Pop Up Launch Party
We are very excited to announce the arrival of Kjaer Weis to INTERLOCKS! This luxury makeup brand uses all natural, all organic ingredients without comprising quality, and utilizes a luxe smart refill system for sustainability. Join us in our transformed salon space for our Kjaer Weis pop up launch party. Attendees will enjoy: Chatting with Kjaer Weis Founder Kirsten and Model Michelle Stevens Childs A complimentary swag bag Cocktail and fun photo ops Catering from Shindig Pop Up Pearl And of course... trying out all the luxury organic makeup! This event is free but limited to only 100 attendees. We hope to see you there! — Join us again on Friday, August 24th for an all-day Makeup Event. Enjoy a one-on-one makeup application and lesson as Kirsten or another KW makeup artist transforms you. Each one-hour appointment requires a $75 deposit, redeemable toward your Kjaer Weis purchases. Call us at 978-465-3010 to book your Makeup Event appointment! (Please note that the Eventbrite RSVP is valid for the Pop Up Launch Party ONLY, and that the makeup event requires a separate deposit.) Learn more about Kjaer Weis and these events on our blog.

When: Aug 23, 2018 6pm in Newburyport, MA