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MS Melrose Run Club
Join the Marathon Sports Melrose Run Club! Runners of all ability levels are welcome for our group run. Thursday nights, 6:30pm! ABOUT MARATHON SPORTS RUN CLUBS: MS Run Clubs are free, all-inclusive weekly events out of our store locations. We'll track your mileage for you, and as you hit significant milestones you'll become eligible for a special Marathon Sports Running Group discount, unique members-only gear, and other great kickbacks. All for just running, and FREE of charge.

When: Apr 25, 2019 6:30PM in Melrose, MA
Friends of Melrose Memorial Hall Launch Party
Launch party to introduce the newly formed Friends of Melrose Memorial Hall.

When: Apr 25, 2019 6pm in Melrose, MA
Melrose Comedy Event
Melrose residents, old and new, we've got comedy and we're bringing it to you!

When: Apr 26, 2019 7:30PM in Melrose, MA
Hunt's Portrait Walk: Lighting Bootcamp
Join Hunt's Photo Education for our Portrait Lighting Bootcamp, where we will workshop portraits using practical lighting options. Lighting can be intimidating, whether using a speedlight on camera (or off) or a studio strobe. Our goal is to get each attendee more comfortable with the basics of lighting, demonstrate how and why to set up lights in certain ways, and how to create stunning portraits with these lights. In the workshop, we will create three basic setups with models at each location: Creative lighting portraits; corporate head shots; and full-length portraits. We will utilize both studio strobes and speedlights in order to get you comfortable with using both.  Most importantly, attendees will be guiding the setup (and take down) of all the gear. This allows for more hands-on working with everything involved with studio lighting, from the light to the light stand to the background. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own gear, but we will begin by using the following gear: -Elinchrom Strobes -Speedlights (both brand--Nikon, Canon, Sony-- and non-brand specific--Phottix, ProFoto. -Phottix & Pocket Wizard Radio Triggers -Sekonic Lightmeters -Tethering capabilities for applicable cameras

When: Apr 27, 2019 9am in Melrose, MA
Beginner Photography Class- Melrose Only
Beginner Photography (Weeknight sessions run 2 hours over 2 evenings- Ex. July 7th/14th; Weekend Sessions run 5 hours, including a 45-minute break for lunch) Photography is about controlling light. Come and learn how to improve your images and picture taking techniques. Offered monthly, the Basic Photography Class is a two-session lecture and hands-on interactive workshop, teaching how to use the basic camera controls; and adjusting aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to get a proper exposure. Also covered is using aperture for depth-of-field (controlling what’s in focus in the background); stopping action with shutter speed settings; selecting the correct White Balance for color correction management. In the second session, we pull it all together with an individual practical exercise using all of the elements presented during the training session.  Bring your camera with a fully charged battery. This class is offered in our Melrose store classroom.

When: Apr 28, 2019 11am in Melrose, MA
Women As Forces For Gospel Advance
We believe that Jesus has a big and beautiful vision for women: that they would be holy and feminine forces for gospel advance in their homes and churches. "Women As Forces For Gospel Advance" is a one day conference built to help you see this vision become a reality in your local church. A Friday night pre-conference is also available.  AGENDA FOR FRIDAY NIGHT PRE-CONFERENCE 6:30 Meal Together 7:30 Get To Know You 8Live Recording of Kalos Conversations Episode AGENDA FOR SATURDAY CONFERENCE 08Registration and Breakfast 09Talks   Patti Rosell on "Women as Disciple-Making Forces"   Matthew Kruse on "Gospel. Femininity. Mission" 10Lab: A Time To Take Inventory 10:30 Break 10:45 Q & A: Ask Anything 11:45 Lunch 01Panel w/ Kalos Team 01:30 Talks   Matthew Kruse on "Equal and Distinct"   Patti Rosell on "Brothers and Sisters" 02:15 Q & A: Ask Anything 03Break 03:15 Breakouts: Men & Women 04Lab: A Time To Debrief 05Dinner in Town

When: May 4, 2019 8am in Melrose, MA
Stuffed Pasta Making Class
Seven Hills Pasta Co. has proudly teamed up with Avery Perry, Owner and Head Pasta Maker at Law of Pasta at Boston Public Market. Avery's top notch talent of teaching the art of stuffed pasta making will surely have you making your own creations at home. Giulio Caperchi, head pasta maker at Seven Hills Pasta and Avery are excited to share their tips and insight on some of their favorite hearty pastas.In this fully hands on class at our Pastificio in Melrose, students learn techniques for various stuffed pasta shapes (Ravioli, Tortellini, Agnolotti etc.) as well as different fillings that complement each individual shape. All of the fillings used are made from scratch on site by Seven Hills Pasta Co. Students will enjoy a tasting of their creations made with local ingredients and take home an assortment of the stuffed pastas. Everyone will go home with a bag filled with pasta, too!*Please note: there is no alcohol served at this event*

When: May 4, 2019 11am in Melrose, MA
Hunt's Photo Workshop: Using On-Camera Filters, ft. Fan Pier, Boston
In the age of film photography, filters were used to great effect. Because darkrooms were less accessible for editing (than editing in the digital age), filters were used to "get it right in camera". Despite all the editing programs available today, it is still best to "get it right in camera", and certain filters still produce vastly superior effects that cannot be achieved by post-processing alone. Join Hunt’s Photo Educators Rick Berk and Emily Hojnowski for a hands-on photography workshop designed to help attendees create better images by utilizing long-exposure. We will start with a classroom session explaining the different filter types and their uses, as well as examples of when and why to use them. Circular Polarizers, Neutral Density Filters, and ND Graduated Filters will all be covered. At about 3:30pm we will break and reconvene at Fan Pier in Boston at 4:30pm to put into practice the filters and techniques. We will conclude the walk around 8:30pm.We will have some Benro Neutral Density and Circular Polarizing filters on-hand for attendees to use in order to test the techniques discussed in the class. If attendees are interested in purchasing filters to use during the event, we will be offering a discount on them the day of the workshop.

When: May 4, 2019 1pm in Melrose, MA
Art, Sex, and Democracy
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The artists of the pop up, Appetite, on view from May 4 to 7 at 10 Vine Street in Melrose, host a lively panel discussion with five diverse women artists on how they respond to political and social turmoil. Elisa Hamilton, Kledia Spiro, Silvia Chavez-Lopez, Nayda Cuevas, Kathleen Volp and Adria Arch are Boston based artists who work in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, video, and social practice. The panel, moderated by Mary M. Tinti, curator, will explore how women artists today make sense of our world.

See HERE for another ArtWeek event associated with the pop-up art installation Appetite, featuring work by Adria Arch, Patti Brady, and Catherine Bertulli. On-street parking. Follow the lawn signs to the exhibit space.

When: May 6, 2019 12am in Melrose, MA
Foiled Again Workshop + Appetite Pop-up Exhibit



Join us for “Foiled Again”, a free hands-on workshop for ages 14+ and adults. Taught by Appetite artist Catherine Bertulli. Learn how to construct with super strong yet lightweight industrial grade aluminum foil. Build your own tower alone or with a partner. We’ll learn some simple techniques for connecting shapes and painting them with acrylic.

See HERE for another ArtWeek event associated with the pop-up art installation Appetite, featuring work by Adria Arch, Patti Brady, and Catherine Bertulli. On-street parking. Follow the lawn signs to the exhibit space.

About Appetite: “Appetite” is a four day pop up exhibit of painting and sculpture by three women artists whose work, as the title suggests, expresses desire and craving, humor, a taste for art making that is not easily satiated and the pleasure of indulging in the splendor of color, texture and pattern.

Boston artist Catherine Bertulli’s monumental towers of industrial grade aluminum foil are impressive illusions, shimmering columns of gold, turquoise and other brilliant tints. Boston artist Adria Arch’s palette confesses her interest in forcing the unexpected through experimentation–freezing a mark in time and then responding to it, and intuitively combining fields of color with shapes and patterns. Patti Brady, based in South Carolina, slips a barb (sometimes literally) into her otherwise ornate, decorative layers of patterns atop Plexiglas and bits of mirror.

When: May 7, 2019 12am in Melrose, MA