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FREE Meditation Session
Come join us for a meditation group practice session, and rejuvenate the energy of the mind and body! Everyone is welcomed, from first timers to long-time practitioners. The session will include a sitting meditation portion and a moving meditation segment. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.Many Bodhi meditation practitioners report improvements in health conditions such as:-insomnia-hypertension-back pain-diabetes-depression-and much more!ABOUT BODHI MEDITATIONBodhi meditation is accessible to practitioners of all ages and is composed of three core components: sitting meditation, moving meditation, and walking meditation (Energy Bagua). Founded in 1991, there are over 30 Bodhi centers around the world.Our mission is to impart practical, effective meditation techniques as a way of strengthening the body's physical energy and inspire the spiritual mind so that greater health and joy may be reaped.WHAT PRACTITIONERS ARE SAYING"I have experienced so many positive benefits from Bodhi meditation, including reduced stress, increased focus and concentration and better energy. I sleep better and I feel my overall health has improved since practicing meditation. The experience is truly relaxing and something I look forward to." -- Kelly, Derry, NH group practice"The Meditation of Greater Illumination has cleansed and expended my auric field. Sitting meditation strengthened my visualization. I experienced more clarity and miracles as a result." -- Tiffany W., Dorchester, MA

When: Apr 21, 2019 2pm in Medford, MA
High 5 at 5 High - new practica for vals and milonga only
Milonga and Vals only Practica High 5 @ 5 High was born with the idea of creating safe environment for you to practice what you’ve learned in Vals and Milonga classes not just every 5 tandas but EXCLUSIVELY. Practica HIGH 5 at 5 HIGH is a Milonga and Vals only Practica! Starts promptly at 9pm. Please sign in at the door. Tanda of Vals and Tanda of Milonga are played continuously until 11pm with one tango in between as cortina. The list of the music is posted on the board next to front desk. Tandas are played in traditional manner: 3 different songs from the same orchestra and/or same time period. There is area with mirrors designated to practice or remember the steps. The dance floor is meant to practice dancing to the music so please refrain from stopping and discussing on the dance floor. If you are tired or want to simply watch the others there are tables where you can relax and carry on with the discussions. *$7  – one practica *$50 – ten practicas. Same 10 practicas pass can be used for both practicas (Practica Chiquita and Practica High5@5High) ALL PASSES HAVE TO BE USED WITHIN 12 WEEKS. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO ROLLOVERS. NO TRANSFERS and NO REFUNDS. Spend your $50 wisely

When: Apr 22, 2019 9:30PM in Medford, MA
PMP Training Course in Medford, MA
Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Management Professional (PMP) ®credential is one of the most important industry recognized certifications for Project Managers. Globally recognized and greatly in demand, having PMP® Certification demonstrates that you have experience, education and the competency to lead and direct complex projects at any level.This recognition is also seen through increased marketability to employers and higher salary levels.We are an authorized certification training provider all over the globe. Our 4 day PMP® training program which comes with the 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy will fully prepare you to gain your certification at the earliest and also give you an in-depth knowledge about the various and best Project Management best practices. 6th Edition PMP Prep Exam Course Kit 4 Classroom Training   High Quality e-Learning  2000 practice test questions  Study Guide - PMBOK® 6th Edition   100% Money Back Assurance  35 PDUs (Contact Hours)  Assistance in PMP® Exam Application Process  Exam Tips and techniques to clear your exam in 1st attempt  20+ years of industry experienced trainer “Our all LVC (live virtual classroom training) and classroom training are confirmed to run with no cancellation.” PMP Training Benefits: 4 Days of intense classroom training by an Experienced Certified Faculty Member 35 contact hours certificate satisfying a key prerequisite for the PMP® exam Hardcopy of PMBOK 6th Edition – An Exam Prep Study Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute. Simulation Test (given on the last day) 180 days online access to our e-learning content - Approved by PMI, USA PMP Exam Application Form assistance For further queries please write us to jefferywlkns@gmail.com

When: Apr 23, 2019 9am in Medford, MA
Breaking Science: Mosquitoes and fevers and malaria, oh my!
Learn about the science and technology you hear discussed on the news, from the scientists and engineers who work on the newest discoveries! Malaria has plagued humanity for centuries, and despite all of the advances in medicine and public health in the past century, we just can't seem to get rid of it. Come learn about what makes this disease so hard to fight and what scientists are doing to fight it! Think malaria is just a problem of places you don't live? Climate change may very well change that, so arm yourself with knowledge before it does Light snacks and refreshments will be provided!

When: Apr 23, 2019 7pm in Medford, MA
Practica Chiquita
When: Apr 23, 2019 8:30PM in Medford, MA
Vals Wednesdays: learn Vals Cruzado / Tango Vals - open level
Vals is probably the most joyful from three tango genres (Tango, Milonga and Vals) with its ¾ happy feel of spinning and floating. The basic difference is hidden in its rhythm. Vals is written in ¾ notation, which means that one measure consists of 3 quarter notes. Since quarter notes can be divided in many other 8-, 16- 32-, 64-, etc value notes lets leave all this for the musicians and see what it means for us. In Tango we count each measure as 1-2-3-4, but we only step on 1 and 3. The Vals is much faster so even though we can distinguish 1-2-3, in the very basic interpretation of Vals we are only stepping on 1 and completely ignore the 2 and 3. How lazy of us…. What happens is that if we are only dancing on 1 and the phrase is still equal to 8 (or multiplications of 8) measures it is fairly easy to dance slow tango to vals music. Everything fits. It just seems slower then usual, but not extremely slow. But even though everything seems to fit somehow the Vals sensation is not there.....

When: Apr 24, 2019 7:30PM in Medford, MA
Basic Embroidery
Learn the basics of embroidery in this class with Jerusha and Celia. Learn how to create your own basic designs on a hankerchief and how to use them on other fabric inluding embellishing clothing. All supplies and tools provided by Mystic Makerspace. Just bring your desire to learn. Registration required. 16+

When: Apr 25, 2019 6:30PM in Medford, MA
Countess Luann
When: Apr 25, 2019 8pm in Medford, MA
Countess and Friends
When: Apr 25, 2019 8pm in Medford, MA
Luann de Lesseps
When: Apr 25, 2019 8pm in Medford, MA