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Darlene Love
When: Dec 14, 2018 8pm in Medford, MA
Free Meditation + Energy Healing Session
Please join us for a sitting mediation practice followed by an energy healing session led by a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher with many years of experience.Practitioners of Bodhi Meditation have seen health improvements with conditions such as:-insomnia-hypertension-back pain-depression-diabetes-and more!ABOUT BODHI MEDITATIONBodhi meditation is accessible to practitioners of all ages and is composed of three core components: sitting meditation, moving meditation, and walking meditation (Energy Bagua). Founded in 1991, there are over 30 Bodhi centers around the world.Our mission is to impart practical, effective meditation techniques as a way of strengthening the body's physical energy and inspire the spiritual mind so that greater health and joy may be reaped.

When: Dec 15, 2018 2pm in Medford, MA
Patti LaBelle
When: Dec 15, 2018 8pm in Medford, MA
Fells’ Biobliss » Biodiversity & Citizen Science
When: Dec 16, 2018 10am in Medford, MA
Pre-Intermediate Argentine Tango progressive 8 weeks course
The pre-intermediate level presents the elements that are often considered ‘common sense’. Things that seem obvious to Advance dancers but took years for them to master. Secrets you supposed to know or somehow figure them out on your own. Those essential details that you need to know, practice and muscle memorize to incorporate into your Tango are introduced during PRE-INTERMEDIATE course. READ MORE HERE: http://www.ultimatetango.com/classes/boston-pre-intermediate-tango-classes/

When: Dec 16, 2018 11am in Medford, MA
The Fells Naturalists & Sketchers Circle
The series teaches how to create, illustrate and maintain a Naturalist & Field journal. This includes practicing sketching, nature illustration skills and recording field observations. The circle runs twice a month during the warm seasons (once a month otherwise). Over the year, we explore a few sites of the Fells, and cover forest ecology, phenology, birds, mammals and the many critters that make the different habitats of the Fells. ⚠️ We favor event quality over attendance quantity, so this is a limited size participants event. To reserve your spot, don't forget to register! And if after registering you can't make it, it's totally fine, but then please tell us so that we can give your ticket to people on the waiting list. Thanks!  Age: Teens (14+) | Adults | Seniors. ⓘ Instructions Weather: Event will happen on cloudy and sunny days. A sketching circle does not happen if it rains (or when the temperatures are too low in the winter). What to Wear: Be prepared to hike a little to get to our study area. The Fells are a little piece of wildlife in our city and a beautiful forest. So... Make sure to wear long pants, and preferably long shirts (and avoid ticks, bites & scratches), and good sturdy shoes. Bring some insect repellent (eco-friendly preferred). Sunscreen for the sunny areas (eco-friendly preferred). Dress warmly if chilly! What to Bring: Please bring your own water and snacks. This event is about Nature so that we protect it better. Then 'naturally', we won't provide single-usage bottles of water or anything plastic-wrapped snack. A camera, magnifying glass, and binoculars if possible. Your art supplies (remember that we hike, so light and portable are key!) » Check our EwA Naturalist Daybag description. There are no restrooms in the area where we will be observing & sketching.   This series is part of the 'EwA at the Fells' program –a collaboration between Earthwise Aware and The Friends of the Fells. Learn more about this program » https://www.earthwiseaware.org/ewa-at-the-fells/ For any question, you can contact us at learning@earthwiseaware.org #nature #ecology #phenology #biodiversity #natureJournaling #natureSketching Thanks!

When: Dec 16, 2018 2pm in Medford, MA
Pats vs Steelers Tailgate!
Tom Brady faces off against Big Ben Roethlisberger in what could be a playoff preview.  Come join us at a “tailgate” party to cheer on the Pats and raise a little money for the PTO.  We’ll have all the best elements of a tailgate party including grilled food, beer, cornhole, and pregame smack talk.  But, we’ll skip the frigid outdoor temperatures, standing in a parking lot, expensive parking, and table diving. No nosebleed seats either… enjoy the game on the big screen, but without kids asking “What does offsides mean?  Which team are we? Are you sure? Weren’t we wearing a different color last week? Can we watch Peppa Pig instead? There will be a couple crock pots of chili and several trays of hot wings, but otherwise, it’s tailgate style: potluck & BYOB.  Arrive a little early to put meat on the grill Kickoff is at 4:25.   If the NFL decides to “flex” this game to 1or 8:00, we will flex the tailgate party as well.

When: Dec 16, 2018 4pm in Medford, MA
Milonga Ideal
MILONGA IDEAL is back! NOW STARTS AT 6:30PM! Experience Buenos Aires on Sunday night right in the center of Medford Square at Milonga Ideal. Magnificent Followers, Spectacular Leaders, elegance and chic of our splendid set up, breathtaking music by DJ Hernan Brizuela will make your passionate evening of Tango simply... IDEAL. 8 – 9pm Interim lesson in the side room: CLOSE EMBRACE FOR CROWDED SPACES. You can take the lesson or simply continue dancing. PRICING for Milonga Ideal $10 – Milonga Ideal $15 – class (CLOSE EMBRACE FOR CROWDED SPACES) $20 – class and Milonga *20% off for students with valid student ID

When: Dec 16, 2018 6:30PM in Medford, MA
Intermediate Argentine Tango progressive 8 weeks course
This course is for students who are fascinated by Tango deeply enough that they can take time understanding and practicing details: technique, structure, musicality. This course is NOT for you if you started your Tango adventure last week or took couple of lessons here and there. And we mean it. All of our Tango classes are structured certain way for a reason. We want to create not just good, but fantastic Tango dancers. If what matters to you is the name of level – think twice. At the end what you don’t even know that you don’t know bites you back. READ MORE HERE: http://www.ultimatetango.com/classes/boston-intermediate-tango-classes/

When: Dec 16, 2018 7pm in Medford, MA
Fall Hike in the Fells
This is our adventure in a little known part of The Middlesex Fells called Lawrence Woods. Join our local guide and explore the trails. This is observational walk only. It's meant for anyone interested in observing what they see, meditating on their experience, and sharing questions they have.For more events check out: https://www.bostonoutdoorschool.com/calendarWhat to Bring:1. Clothes to stay warm.2. A backpack3. Bottle of water4. Any emergency medical supplies you may need5. Bug spray (if above 60 degrees)6. Notebook & Pencil *Fee is to pay someone to organize and lead the adventure. 

When: Dec 18, 2018 8am in Medford, MA