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Self-Injurious Behavior
Self-Injurious Behavior Self-Harm is the intentional infliction of physical pain or injury on oneself, as a method of coping with emotional distress.  It is a frequent problem among teenagers.  Many people find this issue extremely troubling, and have difficulty understanding why anyone would do such a thing. This in-service will help nurses and other school staff learn: to understand the causes of self harm, how to recognize signs of it, and what to do to prevent and/or treat it. Who should attend? School nurses, counselors, and teachers from schools which are enrolled with the McLean School Nurse Liaison Project. Please note you must use your school email to register in order to be eligible for free admission.  If your school or district is not enrolled, contact the organizer for enrollment information. You may go ahead and register for this event while the enrollment process is proceeding.  Your school must complete enrollment prior to the event for you to attend for free.  If you do not work for a school, you may still attend as a paying attendee.  If you have any questions, please contact the organizer prior to registering. If you are staff from the hosting school/district, you do not need to register to attend. This program awards Contact Hours for RNs and other licensed staff  

When: Feb 6, 2019 1pm in Mattapoisett, MA