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FREE College Financial Aid and Planning Night - Lakeville
At this workshop we will provide an overview of the importance of proper planning, how the financial aid process works, as well as help you better understand the system in order to take full advantage of the resources available to your family. Even if your family is not eligible for need-based aid, we will cover some of the best strategies on how to pay for college in the most cost-effective basis – without putting a strain on the rest of your finances. In addition, you will learn: * The 5 greatest myths about paying for college * What you and your student need to know about leveraging * What assets may hurt you in applying for aid * What the easiest way to reduce the cost of college is * What loans to avoid - if at all possible - and tips on finding the best loans * How it may cost you less to send your child to an expensive private university than a state school

When: Nov 5, 2019 6:30PM in Lakeville, MA
Lakeville 10's Youth Progression Event
When: Nov 30, 2019 12am to Nov 30, 2019 12am in Lakeville, MA
Lakeville 10's Youth Progression Event
When: Dec 27, 2019 12am to Dec 27, 2019 12am in Lakeville, MA