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Lakeville 12,14 L7 Futures Circuit Event
When: Jul 18, 2018 12am to Jul 19, 2018 12am in Lakeville, MA
FREE Networking Group
Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to meet like-minded business owners? You need to visit our networking group!Our goal is to build each other's business through referrals and help to support local businesses. We are a FREE networking group accepting new members. We meet twice a month for an hour.You can check us out at www.powerhourgroup.com

When: Jul 26, 2018 9am in Lakeville, MA
Lakeville 16,18 L6 Challenger Circuit Event
When: Aug 1, 2018 12am to Aug 2, 2018 12am in Lakeville, MA
Lakeville 14,18 L7 Futures Circuit Event
When: Aug 11, 2018 12am to Aug 12, 2018 12am in Lakeville, MA
Lakeville 10's Youth Progression Event
When: Aug 25, 2018 12am to Aug 25, 2018 12am in Lakeville, MA