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DogHill K-9 Iron Dog Trial
DogHill Iron Dog Trial June 22, 2019   Welcome to our Second Annual DogHill K-9 Iron Dog Trial.     What is it: An approximate 1.5-mile trail run with each team consisting of a handler and dog Course is held on a private wooded property and will consist of flat, hilling, rocky and possibly wet areas (depending on time of year) Obstacles are spread over the 1.5-mile course. Obstacles may change but expect items like: A-frame, low crawls, tunnels, walls/fences, unstable walks (rope bridge), dog carry, window entry, obedience commands and first aid station.   Who can participate: Formal handler/dog teams like police, military, Search & Rescue units, DART teams, Agility Teams and civilians. The only reqirement is to come out and have fun.    Rules: Simply complete all obstacles and the 1.5-mile run with the fastest time being the winner. Handlers must consider their dogs training and physical ability and complete the course safely All dogs must remain on-leash during the run   General Info: T-shirts and Medals to be awarded to all participants, with awards for top three times   Volunteers/Sponsors We could really use volunteer/obstacle judges and sponsors for this event.   Contact: Please contact Jim Helems @413-246-6506 or dogpals1@gmail.com   Special Note!!!!!! What you need to know is our property is an off the grid homestead and Canine Sports Park (Agility, Dock Diving, Herding, Search & Rescue Training and Basic Dog Training Classes) currently under construction. As construction is underway, you may see open/studded walls, insulation, construction lights and a basic concrete floor. For winter classes we heat with wood and do our best to keep the temperature around 70 degrees. We do not have an internet connection, but your phones and mobile data should work well in our home. Once you arrive our home is a 1/3 mile off Pine Street, primarily up hill on a gravel driveway. Look for a sign that looks like a street name sign, that says Doghill Homestead, also one that says Private Road. That is us and you are a guest, so please come on up. As an off the grid/natural facility we do not pave any surfaces and are working to create green roof structures. We maintain a dirt/grass roadway to allow rain/runoff to stay on our property. This allows water to be naturally filtered through the ground before entering any watershed and or rivers. Although some driving smaller cars are nervous coming up the dirt road, everyone has made it. If you are nervous about the trip up, please call and I will pick you up at the bottom of the driveway.  

When: Jun 22, 2019 9am in Huntington, MA

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of The Opening Our Doors Festival, we invite you to join us in OOD Go! The Fenway Cultural District’s premier scavenger hunt! The public is invited to search for The Opening Our Door’s “Matilda”, which will be hidden in 6 different locations throughout the Fenway Cultural District on Sunday, October 9 and culminating at the kick off ceremony of Opening Our Doors on Monday, October 10 at 11am!

Matilda’s locations will be shared via our twitter account: @Fenwayculture between the hours 11am -5pm . If you find a Matilda, you must tweet a photo with her using the hashtags #openingourdoors and #OODGO. The first three participants to find all 6 Matilda’s will be awarded a Fenway gift pack at the kick off of Opening Our Doors Festival!

When: Oct 9, 2019 12am in Huntington, MA