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Investigate one of Americas most Haunted places! Join Chris Sanders and His crew It's Haunted Crew as we get looked in for the night! will Lizzie come out to say hi? we will go lights out and put real ghost hunting gear in your hands. This is a over night stay with a Pizza dinner and Breakfast in the morning! Ghost Hunt - $135.00

When: Jul 25, 2020 7pm in Fall River, MA
Cost: $135.00
Steward Center for Weight Control support group - now a virtual support group!
NOTE: Our support group is currently being held virtually! To learn how you can join our virtual support group, please call our Bariatric Su

When: Aug 5, 2020 6pm in Fall River, MA
Paul Thorn
When: Aug 7, 2020 8pm in Fall River, MA
Paul Thorn
When: Aug 7, 2020 8pm in Fall River, MA
Los Lobos
When: Sep 11, 2020 8pm in Fall River, MA
The Tri-Lazy Race
When: Sep 19, 2020 12am to Sep 20, 2020 12am in Fall River, MA