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SoCo Winter 2020 Accelerator Info Session
Full details about the accelerator HERE. This information session will review the application process the interview process the expectations the comittment the amenities the coursework the experience networking mentorship, and more! Our next program will begin in December and run through the winter. The application is due October 18th! Conact samia@eforall.org

When: Sep 19, 2019 11am in Fall River, MA
Big Brainstorm! All Ideas Pitch Contest WORKSHOP
Tips on how to organize your 2 1/2-minute pitch and showcase your table!

When: Sep 19, 2019 11am in Fall River, MA
Facing Cancer Together
This support group is designed for all patients with a cancer diagnosis and their family members. For information, call 508-235-5020.

When: Sep 19, 2019 3:30PM in Fall River, MA
**RESCHEDULED** Invest, Grow, Share: A Dinner Presentation
Please join Tim Cole for a campaign dinner presentation on Thursday September 19th at BK's Beacon Tavern, 2nd Floor. Doors open at 5:30 & dinner begins at 6:30. $75/ticket - purchase through Eventbrite

When: Sep 19, 2019 5:30PM in Fall River, MA
The Tri-Lazy
When: Sep 21, 2019 12am to Sep 22, 2019 12am in Fall River, MA
Fall River Community Celebration
When: Sep 21, 2019 12am to Sep 22, 2019 12am in Fall River, MA
SIBL 2019 Banquet
2019 Annual Awards Banquet Spaghetti and Meatball dinner DJ 50/50 Raffle Prizes Cash Bar

When: Sep 21, 2019 6:30PM in Fall River, MA
D- M0n3y
When: Sep 21, 2019 8pm in Fall River, MA
Self-Care Sunday: Meditation + Sound Bath w/ Tara: DIVINE YOGA (NEW LOCATION)
SELF-CARE SUNDAY NEW DATE - NEW LOCATION - NEW TIME Meditation + Sound Bath with Tara Atwood Reduce stress, enjoy deep peacefulness and enter into relaxation and meditation with this unique Sound Bath Session with International Sound Therapist, Tara.  During the Sound Bath session, the room will be surrounded with Tibetan & Crystal bowls. Will include active and passive meditation techniques and a Sound Bath, where you will be fully emerged in the vibration and frequencies of sound.   This ancient wellness practice of sound healing is a 2,000 year old Tibetan practice that induces a deep state of meditation and relaxation. The primary bowls, Tibetan bowls, are sound instruments that have sonic frequency technologies that encourage meditation, stress release and relaxation. The transcendental tones of the vintage Tibetan singing bowls, along side the Crystal bowls, emit a diverse set of sound frequencies, creating a range of sounds to restore normal vibratory frequencies from out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul. The unique tones blended together create a Bath of sounds that in effect induce a state of deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages, and encourages stress release and deep relaxation. What to expect during the Sound Bath: During the Sound Bath session, Tara will surround the room with bowls. She will lead the session with active and passive meditation techniques prior to the Sound Bath.  The Sound Bath will be 30-40 minutes of sounds as the guests lay in sleeping position. Benefits of the Sound Bath: Each bowl has a unique frequency, sound and tone that corresponds to the frequencies within the body offering healing vibrations that restore the body to a natural state of balance. The vibrations of the bowls initiates the entrainment or movement of our brainwaves to synchronize with the bowls, improving brain wave frequencies. The vibratory frequencies create deep meditation, enhance intuitive abilities and creative thinking. The brain waves, during this session, switch from Beta waves (normal waking state) to Alpha and Theta waves (a deep meditative state). Sound waves stimulate our immune response, reduce stress, harmonize the body’s cells, balance the body’s energy systems, and calm our emotions reducing stress and increasing a meditative state of well-being. The sounds from the bowls help with body pain and is a powerful to for anyone suffering from chronic pain and illness such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation. Sound bowls increase a deep sense of peace, hope and well-being, reduce stress and decrease pain. Sessions also are effective for people suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia and memory loss. A powerful combination of aromatherapeutic oils, from organic brand Amber Blue’s Chakra Essence Aromatherapy line, will be diffused throughout the room to move and balance qi “energy flow” throughout the body. The therapeutic essential oils enhance the body’s innate healing capabilities and increases overall wellbeing.  The diffusing of Aromatherapy oils relaxes the mind, body and spirit. After the meditation and sound bath experience you will leave feeling more connected to all that is. Dress in warm comfortable clothing. Attendees can purchase Amber Blue’s Syn·er·gy No. 7 Chakra Essence at the end of the meditation for at home use and to enhance their meditation and yoga practices.

When: Sep 22, 2019 10am in Fall River, MA
Liverpool International Academy 2009-11 Boys & Girls Fall River ID Clinics
Liverpool International Academy MA will be hosting ID Clinics in Fall River for teams that will compete in New England Premier League (NEP/NPL). These ID Clinics are for 2009-2011 boys and girls only. If you are in a different age group, you may reach out to us and we can try to find you the appropriate team! If you are interested in joining a team and learning how to play 'The Liverpool Way,' we invite you to attend both of the events.  When: Monday, September 16th, 6– 7PM Monday, September 23rd, 6– 7PM Where: Kuss Middle School, 52 Globe Mills Ave, Fall River MA Who: 2009-2011 Boys and Girls ID clinic  Please Bring: Water, soccer ball, shin-guards, cleats and a friend! Questions: For questions or comments, please reach out to Regional Director John Tomlinson at j.tomlinson@lfcinternationalacademyma.com 

When: Sep 23, 2019 6pm in Fall River, MA