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ESAA Fall Soccer (Sat 9/14 - Sat 10/19)
When: Sep 21, 2019 9am in Essex, MA
Do you experience overwhelm in your life? Are you impacted by burnout because of stress?  Would you like to receive tools, information and build new skills to keep stress in check? LEARN HOW STRESS NEGATIVELY EFFECTS YOUR BODY WITH CHRONIC PAIN  Learn how to Conquer Overwhelm at this FREE talk by Dr. Sean Riley DC, who will deliver to you - The fundamentals of stress in relation to our nerve system - How and why stress exists - How we get locked into fight or flight mode - How the patterns in our physiology manifest in our brain, spine, muscles, organs and connective tissue especially fascia - Easy to follow, take-home solutions to dampen the overwhelming effects of stress - A call to action via regular nerve system care - A beautiful 15-minute meditation and visualization following the talk you can use anywhere, anytime.

When: Oct 1, 2019 10:30AM in Essex, MA
Join Emily Roy, Physical Therapist Come learn about what a concussion is, symptoms it causes and what to do if you or your child sustains a concussion. Concussions have been a hot topic recently with new research often changing what is known about concussions and how they are treated. Dr. Emily Roy specializes in treating sports related concussion from the young athlete to professional athlete and everyone in between. She will review the current standard of care for concussions and teach you what to do after an injury to decrease symptoms and promote recovery. Proper management of concussions can significantly improve recovery time, and this talk will help give you the necessary information to put you or your child in the path to recovery. 

When: Oct 17, 2019 10:30AM in Essex, MA
Women & Hormones
Join Liane Moccia, Herbalist Feeling cranky, irritable, moody? An herbalist’s approach to balance hormones and boost mood Sometimes we all  feel grumpy, snappy, irritated or just plain down.  In this class we will explore natural ways to feel more joyful and vibrant so we can feel like ourselves again, only better. We cover herbs and lifestyle changes to help balance our hormones and lift our spirits. Class will be lead by Liane Moccia, a Certified Herbalist who helps people find natural solutions to their chronic health problems. She specializes in stress/anxiety, energy, sleep and hormone balance (with a focus on fertility and pre-pregnancy planning).  Using traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research, she combines herbs with lifestyle and dietary changes to help bring the body back into balance. 

When: Nov 7, 2019 10:30AM in Essex, MA
Surviving the Teen Years
Join Laura Hackel, Mom Empowerment Coach 3 Tips to Survive the Teen Years Does your teen know how to push ALL your buttons? Do you feel confused about what would support them? Do you find that you lose sight of what’s special about them because they are busy giving you one word answers or not answering you at all? Is your teen making choices that you don’t agree with, and you’re worried about their health, safety, or future?  Then this workshop is for you.   Raising teens can be full of worry, guilt, and challenges which have you wondering where your beautiful child has gone. It’s a balancing act to encourage them to take responsibility while still supporting them.   And if that isn’t confusing enough, our family, friends, relatives, neighbors and the world in general all have opinions on how we should handle any given situation…and they aren’t afraid to share it with us.    In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn how you can do more than survive the teenage years,  you will learn easy to implement tips to create the loving, connected, open relationship with your teen that you crave.  Come to the workshop with something in mind that you have been thinking about or struggling with for your teen.   Tuesday, Nov 12th  10:30am - noon $27  

When: Nov 12, 2019 10:30AM in Essex, MA