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Holiday Chill
A ladies night of restorative yoga, wakame (movement meditation focused on how we react to the unexpected), meditation mala, intention ornaments, sound meditation, organic hors d’heorves, and sweets and beverages with Young Living Oils. Take an evening to focus on, nurture, and energize yourself in preparation for all you give during the holidays.

When: Dec 1, 2018 6pm in Dartmouth, MA
Dartmouth Mall - 12/2 Santa Cares
Children within every spectrum of special needs and their families are invited to a private photo session, to experience the time-honored tradition of a visit with Santa Claus during  dedicated hours. Please reserve your complimentary ticket on Eventbrite - ONE TICKET per group/family, please. Visits with Santa are free. Photo packages that capture holiday memories will be available for purchase at the event, pricing varies by location. Visit the center’s website for additional information.

When: Dec 2, 2018 9:30AM in Dartmouth, MA
Heart Centered Connection Practices: Honoring the Rhythm of the Full Moon
Ritual is a connection, a centering deep within to the heart center of conscious intention.  It is the ignition of breath and the sparking of love made manifest.   It is specific desire carried and amplified with sound.  Learn how to connect with the energies of the full moon and the planetary energies of the month and how to use these energies to support and elevate your evolution.  Receive sound healing and journey to your heart space within the circle as you learn and experience how lunar energies can support our intentions to manifest.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat or a pillow to sit on.  Expected donation is 30.00 at the door or paid via PayPal racheldoherty@comcast.net SEND TO A FRIEND.  Instruments will be available to borrow or purchase the day of the event.

When: Dec 7, 2018 6pm in Dartmouth, MA
Heart Centered Connection Practices: Honoring the Solstice
Connect your heart with the energies of Mother Earth and honor yourself within her arms in this nurturing introduction to heart centered practice.  In this 2 hour class we will learn how to create a despacho, or offering to the Mother, with sound and heart centered conscious intention.  Feel yourself lighten and expand as you take part in a circle united in honoring and healing the heart space within and the earth without.  Please wear comfortable, clean clothing, bring a mat or a pillow to sit on and if interested, instruments to play.  Instruments will also be available to borrow and purchase.  Or simply sit and receive the energies of our circle as we join our hearts and voices as one in gratitude and loving intentions.   Expected donation is $30.00 paid directly at the door or via paypal, SEND TO A FRIEND at racheldoherty@comcast.net

When: Dec 21, 2018 6pm in Dartmouth, MA
New Approaches to Teaching and Learning Conference 2019
The Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Development have partnered with colleagues from across campus to host a full-day conference on January 18th. The goal of this event is to provide an opportunity for UMass Dartmouth faculty to showcase their innovative teaching and learning practices and to network with faculty from other disciplines. View Conference Agenda Keynote: Team-Based Learning: Group Work that Works Speaker: Dr. Michael Sweet Teachers are increasingly looking for ways to engage students in classes across the disciplines, and Team-Based Learning is a “flipped classroom” pedagogy that is enjoying widespread adoption. In this workshop, you will experience Team-Based Learning (TBL), an instructional strategy that both teachers and students have reported increasing levels of student attendance, preparation, participation and critical thinking. Dr. Michael Sweet has published and presented widely on TBL, and will be leading participants through a flipped-classroom experience using TBL. Upon completing this workshop, participants will be able to: Explain the structural flaw in most “traditional” forms of group work Identify three important distinctions between TBL and other forms of group work Describe the four practical elements of TBL Begin designing an effective and enjoyable group assignment

When: Jan 18, 2019 8:30AM in Dartmouth, MA
Heart Centered Connection Practices: Honoring the New Moon
Take this time of the new moon to join in a loving meditation supported by sound and ceremony. Learn how to utilize the potent energies of the New Moon to let go of that which no longer serves and to recognize the shadows which lie within the light of the brightest orb in the night sky.  Embrace the receding energies of the full moon's power to bring it in.  And Journey within. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a pillow or mat.  Sound instruments and ritual objects may be brought to be blessed within the circle.  Sound instruments will also be available to borrow and purchase if interested. 30.00 expected donation at the door or via paypal, choose SEND TO FRIEND racheldoherty@comcast.net

When: Jan 25, 2019 6pm in Dartmouth, MA
Adding Sound to your Practices: Practice and Meditation
This is the last of a 3 part series in understanding the Law of Vibration and how to consciously add sound to your practice.  And that is what we will do!  Practice! Practice  !Practice !  Come to today's class and build upon your knowledge and your felt sense of healing with vibraion by experiencing giving and receiving sound healings.  This class is 75.00 pay at the door or via Paypal select racheldoherty@comcast.net SEND TO FRIEND

When: Feb 3, 2019 1pm in Dartmouth, MA