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Introductory Social & Ballroom Dance Lessons Year-round
Beginner group - MondaysIntermediate group - Tuesdays7 - 8 PMNo partner needed $5Social Dance time 8 - 9:15 PMNew dance style starts each monthAmVets #12, 754 Montgomery Street, Chicopee, MAFor more information contact Jeannette: JLoPresti@charter.netLearn Rumba - The Romantic Latin DanceLearn Waltz - The Classic FavoriteLearn Country 2-Step - Western MovesLearn Cha Cha - Hot Latin MotionLearn Swing - Triple or Single StepStop In    Join In     Have Fun!

When: Feb 24, 2020 7pm to Feb 24, 2020 8pm in Chicopee, MA
Cost: $5
When: Feb 27, 2020 6pm in Chicopee, MA
When: Feb 27, 2020 6pm in Chicopee, MA
Saski Baskonia vs Red Star Basketball Club Tickets
When: Feb 27, 2020 9pm in Chicopee, MA
Saski Baskonia vs Alba Berlin Tickets
When: Mar 6, 2020 9pm in Chicopee, MA
Saski Baskonia vs Iberostar Tenerife Tickets
When: Mar 8, 2020 7pm in Chicopee, MA
Sarah the Fiddler
GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT! On the night of the performance, the kitchen will be serving a limited menu which will include a delicious corned beef dinner as well as your Polish favorites!www.theCollegianCourt.com DINNER SEATING STARTS AT 5PM - MUSIC STARTS AT 7PM Please call 413-331-4444 to arrange table reservations. (receive 10% off food purchase for the evening with ticket) ADMISSION: $20 per person* *The price of ticket is general admission and does not include food or drinks. Combining her influences of Old-Time, Irish, World and Classical music, Sarah takes her audiences on a musical journey from old-time sing-alongs, to lively polkas and rousing reels. www.SarahtheFiddler.com

When: Mar 14, 2020 5pm to Mar 14, 2020 10pm in Chicopee, MA
Cost: 20 - 20 USD
Saski Baskonia vs Casademont Zaragoza Tickets
When: Mar 22, 2020 7pm in Chicopee, MA
Saski Baskonia vs EA7 Emporio Armani Milano Tickets
When: Mar 25, 2020 9pm in Chicopee, MA
Saski Baskonia vs Bilbao Basket Tickets
When: Mar 29, 2020 7pm in Chicopee, MA