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NERF Adventure Night Guard Up, Up & Away
Jump into the fast-paced, hair raising, adrenaline-pumping action that is NERF Adventure Night. Grab your friends, load your blaster, and prepare yourself for the battle of a lifetime here at The Castle!You can pre-register for this event here: https://fs19.formsite.com/guardup/form050229415/index.html

When: Jan 17, 2020 7pm to Jan 17, 2020 9pm in Burlington, MA
Midnight Knights All Night Adventure
Summer's speeding towards us faster than you might think, which means overnight camp will arrive in no time. If your hero has never experienced an evening at summer camp, this event is the perfect trial, all taking place here at The Castle.At this event, your young hero will meet other first time overnight campers and get a feel for what summer nights are like in Sidleterra. There will be games, snacks, chill time, a camp fire, and cozy cots to rest on. There may even be some characters, both familiar and new, making appearances, but you'll have to be here to find out.This event is for ages 8 and up. Food is not provided so please be sure your stomachs are full prior to arrival. It will lead directly into our MLK School Break Adventure, which requires separate registration. The event is free to anyone who is new to Overnight and has already registered for summer camp, but pre-registration is required. The cost for non registered campers is $99, but if you sign up for camp within two days of the overnight, the $99 will be applied to the registration. To do so please visit https://fs19.formsite.com/guardup/form35/index.html

When: Jan 19, 2020 7pm to Jan 19, 2020 9pm in Burlington, MA
MLK Full Day Adventure School Break Adventure
For generations, scientists have been working towards the goal of creating super soldiers. Time and time again, their efforts have failed, resulting in new breeds of zombies and monsters alike. But at the turn of the new year, one scientist may have cracked the code. Are you brave enough to volunteer for mutation? You could rise to the rank of superhero...or become a creature more horrifying than you can even imagine. Enter a new era as superheroes join forces with our wizards & warriors and zombie defenders in a brave effort to save the world.This event is for ages 7 to 14. Monster Campers 15 years or older will receive 50% off tuition for their participation. Extended day options are also available, moving the times to 8:30AM – 5pm . To register for this event or the 2020 camp season please visit https://fs19.formsite.com/guardup/form050229415/index.html

When: Jan 20, 2020 7:30AM to Jan 20, 2020 5pm in Burlington, MA
Neighborhood Night at Osteria Nino
If you're looking for #MondayMotivation, we're got you covered every week with FREE PIZZA, cold beer, and board games!Neighborhood Night at Osteria Nino! • Every Monday • 6-8pm• FREE wood fired pizza• Board Games • GiveawaysNo cover #OsteriaNino

When: Jan 20, 2020 6pm in Burlington, MA
The Bard's Path D&D Night
Join us for a night of roleplaying and imagination this January!This is our Bard’s Path Dungeons and Dragons Night (5th Edition) created especially for those players like roleplaying and character building. Bring your dice, characters, and your friends to this 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons gaming session.Pre-registration (at least 24 hours prior to event) is required to attend any and all D&D Nights. To claim your spot at the table, fill out our online waiver at https://fs19.formsite.com/guardup/form050229415/index.html

When: Jan 20, 2020 7pm to Jan 20, 2020 9pm in Burlington, MA
Chapoutier Vineyard Wine Dinner
Start the New Year with us and help us welcome Lamber Rollat of Chapoutier Vineyard!   RECEPTION CHEF’S SELECTION OF PASSED HORS D’OEUVRES 2017 Viognier Chapoutier ‘La Combe Pilate’, France FIRST COURSE HOUSE MADE SAUSAGE RAVIOLI SMASHED TOMATOES, PARM 2012 [...]

(781) 221-6643

When: Jan 21, 2020 6:30PM in Burlington, MA
Cost: $85
Palo Alto Networks: Journey to the Center of the SOC
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as part of a security team. Every day, analysts have to stare down the perils hidden at the center of the SOC – too much noise, too many missed threats and too much manual remediation.It’s time to integrate automation and machine learning into every step of your security voyage. Join us for a live, thrill-packed, 60-minute Journey to the Center of the SOC and learn how to:- Overcome today’s SOC challenges caused by siloed tools, limited analytics and manual investigations- Eliminate alert fatigue by grouping related alerts into incidents, reducing disparate alerts by 98% - Automate manual tasks with flexible orchestration to consolidate alerts and reduce incident response timeWe'll see you there!

When: Jan 22, 2020 12pm to Jan 22, 2020 2pm in Burlington, MA
Patterns in Organizational Agility
When: Wednesday January 22, 2020 6:30-8:30 pm Est Where: Scrum.org 131 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803 Patterns in Organizational Agility Companies engaging in an Agile transformation rarely start at the right place. They focus primarily on creating Scrum teams from existing teams within their traditional organization top-down structure with training, certifications and coaching, while ignoring key elements like team size, prioritization and the ability to deliver rapidly.  Real transformation starts with Leadership, and the first task of Leadership is to address the Eco-system that surrounds the Scrum teams, so they can thrive and accelerate as Scrum intends them to. In this first of a series of talks, we will focus on patterns that help organizations create small teams aligned to a common purpose, prioritize initiatives, deliver value frequently and refactor when needed. Those attending this talk will learn specifically about: 1. The Interrupt Pattern 2. Yesterday's Weather 3. Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster 4. When to Pair & when to Swarm 5. Team Metrics - including how to calculate with Jira! 6. Team Self-Selection SPEAKER JOSEPH DeANGELIS AGENDA 6:30 - Scrum Patterns introduction 7- Food and Fun 7:25 - Patterns in Organizational Agility 8:25 - Announcements 8:30 - Done! ------------------------------------------------- PLEASE REGISTER WITH INTENT TO ATTEND!! ------------------------------------------------- Tickets (for all events, regardless of ticket price) are transferable; if you cannot make it to the event you can send a friend in your place. NOTE: Registering is an explicit commitment to attend. PLEASE do not register casually. Doing so prevents others who sincerely want to attend from doing so, and also overstates food & beverage counts. Registering casually does everyone a serious disservice. Your registration is an explicit commitment to attend. ======================================================== General Ground Rules and Conditions for Registration and Attendance: ======================================================== Tickets (for all events, regardless of ticket price) are transferable; if you cannot make it to the event you can send a friend in your place. NOTE: Registering is an explicit commitment to attend. PLEASE do not register casually. Doing so prevents others who sincerely want to attend from doing so, and also overstates food & beverage counts. Registering casually does everyone a serious disservice. Your registration is an explicit commitment to attend. Anyone authorized by the event promoter to attend this event is subject to the following Ground Rules as a condition of attendance: There are no refunds for paid events. No audio or video recording permitted. Recording of video and/or audio is grounds for revoking your authorization to attend. You may take pictures. You are required to show up ready to have loads of FUN and engage in lots of LEARNING with lots of other very curious, fun-loving people. By purchasing a ticket and/or attending this meeting (hereafter the Event), you are explicitly authorizing us to capture pictures, video, and audio recordings of your image and voice and to use these recordings in promotion of our events. By purchasing a ticket and/or attending the Event, you are agreeing explicitly to indemnify and hold harmless the following parties from any and all claims, including but not limited to any loss, damage, or legal liability related to attendance: a) the venue provider (Scrum.org), b) the event promoters, c) anyone and everyone else even remotely associated with the execution of the Event event in any way, whatsoever. The Event promoter reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke admittance to anyone at any time, subject only to refunding within 30 days any dollar price paid for said admittance.

When: Jan 22, 2020 6:30PM to Jan 22, 2020 8:30PMin Burlington, MA
Cost: 0 - 0 USD
Blackwatch Adventure Winter Winds
Frost covers the ground as the shadows creep across the mountains of snow. There's no escaping the cold or the creatures that it brings. Winter has arrived in the Nightlands...Join us for this teen (ages 13-19) live-action role-playing adventure. This is an interactive adventure where teen participants fight monsters with foam swords and solve mysteries. Pre-registration and costuming required for this interactive adventure. You can pre-register here: https://fs19.formsite.com/guardup/form050229415/index.html

When: Jan 24, 2020 7pm to Jan 24, 2020 9pm in Burlington, MA
Republic Day Mela 2020
The day will begin at noon with competitions for all ages and conclude with a cultural dance segment beginning at 4:30 pm. Competitions include: Art, Chess, Carom, Story Telling, Elocution, Poetry Writing, Science Poster, Cup Cake Baking and Decoration. Idea Pitch for Young Entrepreneurs.The Cultural Music and Dance segment will commence at 4:30 pm and will include a short meet and greet segment for visiting State Representatives and other Government Dignitaries. There will be several vendor tables for products and services and food available for purchase on site. Entrance to event is free and open to all. For tables, Sponsorship/Partnership visit: https://iagb.org/sponsorship/Category: Community | Local / Community

When: Jan 25, 2020 12pm to Jan 25, 2020 10pm in Burlington, MA