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Summer Kid's Class (ages 8-12)
When: Jul 11, 2019 12am to Aug 29, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Monday Evening Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding - All Levels
When: Jul 15, 2019 12am to Aug 26, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Saturday Morning Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding - All Levels
When: Jul 20, 2019 12am to Sep 7, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Tuesday Evening Wheelthrowing - All Levels
When: Jul 23, 2019 12am to Sep 17, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Arts and crafts Camps - Intermediate Wheelthrowing
When: Jul 24, 2019 12am to Sep 11, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Wednesday Morning Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding - All Levels
When: Jul 24, 2019 12am to Sep 11, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Thursday Evening Wheelthrowing - All Levels
When: Aug 1, 2019 12am to Sep 12, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Chronicles of a Cunnilingus Connoisseur: Vol. 1
Come get the low down on going down with Sex Educator Sales Associate JP! We'll peruse the 8 P's of pleasure, sure to make your partner purr and pirouette. We'll learn a few techniques and exercises for lasting longer, and for delivering toe-curling orgasms! Open to all identities and orientations. Participants receive 10% off shopping.

When: Aug 21, 2019 6:30PM in Brookline, MA
Holistic Movement Class
Developing comfort and confidence in your ability to move through the world makes you safer, healthier, and happier! Class is every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00pm. These classes will draw together insights and practices from the worlds of martial arts, bodyweight training, restorative exercise, biomechanics & alignment, and MovNat - a systematic method of teaching fundamental human movement skills, designed to develop capability and adaptability at all levels of development - to create a unique approach that builds strength, flexibility, and resilience. Whether you're brand new to movement or an experienced athlete, whether you're a runner or a yogi or a CrossFit junkie, whether you're young or old, injured or healthy - improving your balance and coordination is going to help you! There's something for everyone. Each class will also include a brief presentation of effective herbal remedies and other holistic interventions to support healthy musculoskeletal tissues, accelerate post-workout recovery, and improve your adaptation to training. Ryn's experience with movement practices includes various martial arts, tai chi & chi gong, circus arts, cross-country running, scout movement skills, and bodyweight exercise. He is a Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer (and will be testing for Level 2 this August!).

When: Aug 21, 2019 7pm in Brookline, MA
VR Storytelling for Media Makers, Librarians & Educators
Learn the Basics of Virtual Reality Labs & VR Storytelling at the Public VR Lab in Brookline! For decades, libraries, educators and community media centers have provided access to media-making tools, equipment, and offered media literacy, youth media, and storytelling programs, and facilitated community dialogue through local media, events, resources, and curriculum. With new media tools emerging, how might we consider extending our nonprofit organization's mission of public access into virtual worlds and into new forms of media? Well-designed immersive reality (VR, AR, 360, MR=XR) experiences can invoke a powerful sense of wonder, embodied cognition, and empathy, and often have a transformational effect on the viewer. Community media centers, libraries, and arts and cultural orgs across the country are learning about these new filmmaking techniques and using XR to create stories and 3D experiences, to train youth and adults, for local journalism, public safety and health, history, and on social issues. As a result, staff reports seeing new interest in their local storytelling, youth and media making programs, increased community engagement, and new members, volunteers, funders, and partners. Learn steps to engage your community with Community XR and VR Storytelling!  This workshop is ideal for library, school, arts or media center staff or community members who focus on production, youth media, journalism, and outreach/engagement, education programs, and will cover the following: Creating a framework for Community XR at your library, school, media, or arts center, The basics of VR filmmaking: What you need to know to begin creating content, Examples/use cases of immersive stories in XR, A few basic AR tools for fun, 360 Filmmaking: Understanding equirectangular & spatial computing, Hands-on exercises using the Nikon Keymission 360 cameras; capturing high-quality footage, Editing in 360 - learn a few simple basics to get started editing your videos, experimenting with text, transitions, etc., Uploading 360 to the web, All participants will leave with ideas to implement in their community!

When: Aug 22, 2019 9:30AM in Brookline, MA