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May Kid's Class (ages 8-12)
When: May 9, 2019 12am to Jun 20, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
May 17th and 24th Clay Sampler
When: May 17, 2019 12am to May 24, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Monday Morning Wheelthrowing - All Levels
When: May 20, 2019 12am to Jul 8, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Tuesday Morning Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding - All Levels
When: May 21, 2019 12am to Jul 16, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Start with a Spark: 10 Ways to Captivate an Audience Right Away
Start with a Spark: 10 Ways to Captivate an Audience Right Away Giving a presentation, a pitch, or a keynote? Learn specific techniques for creating an immediate connection with your audience of one or 1,000. Implement these tools in your next talk! __ Anna A Kaufman is a shy child turned Chief Badass. Anna empowers individuals to unleash their unique voice through confident communication. Words and presence have a powerful impact — Anna is on a mission to help others unleash their inner Badass superpower.   The Village Works is a neighborhood coworking space in Brookline Village with meeting rooms, and events, and flexible memberships for shared workspace.  

When: May 21, 2019 12pm in Brookline, MA
The Making of a Lady: 5 week MasterClass for 21+
The Making of a Lady Master Class explores the modern concepts of elegance, style and culture. The Modern Lady embodies the essentials of a positive role model, a leader with her poise, grace, intelligence and classic demeanor.  This Master Class will focus on three major elements that all professional ladies possess: appearance, demeanor and effective communication. The Ladies in Training will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence for a variety of social and professional settings.  This highly interactive program is designed to empower exploration of personal strengths and discover ways to enhance personal and professional lives. 

When: May 21, 2019 6pm in Brookline, MA
Healthy Habits for Dirty Minds at Good Vibrations Brookline
We kinksters love to get nasty! We can use safer sex practices to protect us when things get steamy, but what about all the other activities we enjoy? Can you catch an STI from dirty rope? Can flogging give you MRSA? How can you clean the canes you use on multiple play partners? Join Thista Minai for a free class on preventing infections in kinky play, and learn what you can do to keep your risk profile exactly where you want it. Knowledge is sexy so let’s get busy! Participants receive 10% off shopping!

When: May 21, 2019 6:30PM in Brookline, MA
Wednesday Morning Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding - All Levels
When: May 22, 2019 12am to Jul 17, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Intermediate Wheelthrowing
When: May 22, 2019 12am to Jul 17, 2019 12am in Brookline, MA
Tech Goes Home Classes at Brookline Housing Authority - Basic Technology Corps
Sponsored by: Tech Goes Home
Minimum age: 18
Join Boston Cares and Tech Goes Home for a fun, community-based TGH working with adult learners. The class is a great opportunity for volunteers looking to give back and share their knowledge! Volunteers will work one on one with students to help build basic technology skills.About the Tech Goes Hom . . .

When: May 22, 2019 12:30PM in Brookline, MA