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Barre Massachusetts - Local Information Guide to the Town

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The BIG Cocktail Party @ Max's Tavern
The BIG Cocktail Party @ Max's Tavern



When: Jun 6, 2019 6pm in Barre, MA

Max's Summer Music Series @ Max's Tavern : Eric Paquette

Max's Summer Music Series @ Max's Tavern : Eric Paquette








When: Jun 8, 2019 6pm in Barre, MA

Farming for Maximum Photosynthesis

Maximum photosynthesis leads to more food of better quality. The soil is phenomenal to work with and the farmers have more fun. Jack and Julie purchased our land in Barre in 1980 and built our house, barn and our farm over the next 39 years. With an eye toward energy efficiency, stacking of enterprises and niches, raising as many different kinds of food animal, vegetable, fruit, fungal as possible, we have built our Many Hands Organic Farm to maximize fertility, diversity of crops and people to work on it, and are now working with our son Dan to set up a multi-generational landscape. We will focus the workshop on the following topics: no till vegetable and fruit production using intersown cover crops, heavy mulch, and targeted foliar nutrition highly integrated animal husbandry - pigs, chickens, turkeys their rotations, feed and housing all of the extra products and ventures that flow from this diverse and packed landscape tour of energy efficient and solar house design/root cellar during lunch break Hands on activities will include some demonstrations of the technology we are working with in collaboration with the NOFA/Mass project to track practices, soil fertility and crop quality. *In order to keep this event affordable for our participants, lunch for this event is potluck-style. Participants are expected to bring a food item to contribute, their own utensils and a list of ingredients to accommodate those with food sensitivities. Instructors: Julie Rawson is a lifelong farmer, certified organic at Many Hands Organic Farm, Barre, MA since 1987, focusing on carbon sequestration and ultimate fertility and food quality. Jack Kittredge has been a certified organic farmer for 30+ years and is editor of the NOFA journal The Natural Farmer.

When: Sep 1, 2019 10am to Sep 1, 2019 2pm in Barre, MA
Cost: 0 - 45 USD

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About Barre, MA
The Town of Barre Massachusetts was founded in 1774 and is located in Worcester County almost exactly in the center of the state.

Barre has three separate villages and Barre residents feel that the town has one of the most beautiful town commons in Central Massachusetts. During the summer time band concerts are held there at the common.

The town is said to be at most lovely during the summer and fall season, so come and visit the town for yourself.