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When: Oct 17, 2019 3am to Oct 17, 2019 11pm in Ashfield, MA
Whispering Bones: An Evening of Ghost Stories and dancing after
Pauline Productions brings Kelvin Keraga aka Dr. Betterov-Underhill (aka Kelvin Keraga) to the area from Greenwich N.Y. A celebrity in other realms, he has been curating and writing ghost stories for an eternity. He brings along story tellers Barbara Chepaitis and Mary Murphy from beyond. Local spirits Jeannine Haas, Nan Parati an Alice Barrett will also tell a tale or two. After the stories, DANCE like there is no tomorrow. Richard Pree and Kare Marshall will DJ. Don a COSTUME if you DARE. Tales will be told in the Sanctuary and DANCING will erupt in the Upper Halls. Advance tickets here on BPT and at Ashfield Hardware: $15 -and end 2 hours before curtain. At the Door $20 (cash or check)

When: Oct 25, 2019 7pm to Oct 25, 2019 10pm in Ashfield, MA
Cost: 15 - 15 USD