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New Beginnings Southeastern MA-Singles Support Group
Support group for singles (divorced, widowed, never married) looking for a safe, welcoming environment to interact with others in relatable situations. A way to make friends and not a dating site. 781-499-2659

When: Feb 17, 2020 6pm to Feb 17, 2020 9pm in Abington, MA
Business Astrology 101
Business Astrology 101 Facilitated by Linan Munoz & Meghan McGonagle.   This is an ongoing mastermind kind of group for anyone who is interested in astrology, business & developing your passion. Calling all lightworkers, energy workers, spiritual entrepreneurs, regular entrepreneurs and astrology buffs from novice to anyone who has an unwritten dream to discover & strengthen their passion for their biz.  (All levels welcome) Transform your business! This is the workshop you have been waiting for that will allow you to break past your fears in your professional or personal life to create a vision for the future you want in a fun and exciting way!  You will stand to gain understanding on the overarching themes of each astrological season we are currently in and how to navigate it with tools and tips to keep your soul lit.  Join us as we gain awareness through a journey through the Astrological energies to align with empowerment and holistic strategies that support the spiritual side and logical side of your business.   Wednesday 6- 7:45 p.m. What’s included: 1 themed class a month  Location : Karma Connects Wellness Center Abington, Ma 12 month workshop (3 months) (12 months) **Discounted purchase options will be offered if you attend the first workshop. Choose which months you want to attend or commit to them all with the lowered price point.  1 Complementary personalized coaching session (*3 month purchase only) Water provided Astro themed meditation for each month & recording  Facebook group to stay connected Journal & pen Business savvy tools for each themed monthly session Strategies for each astro season to make your passion pop Are you an entrepreneur who wants to add more to your small business through a comprehensive workshop that highlights the overarching themes of each specific astrology sign at the peak of each season? Are you curious how your business can benefit from the current symbology of each astrology season? Are you wondering if this class will give you the conventional and unconventional tools to advance your small business or freelance ? Well you are right…Here are just a few of the benefits.  Each month we will visit the archetypal themes of the current astrology season we are in. You will… Learn the 101 of astrology themes Learn how to capitalize on lunation cycles Tag auspicious days and how to amplify your biz Key transits to access that energy  Lean the integrative concepts of the astrological weather per month Drive your skills and developments Learn conventional and unconventional ways to support your business Access the current creative energies of the stars that month Learn the key qualities that can align your biz  Tap into projects & promotional marketing tips that engage the themed energies Aligned decision making & problem solving  Clarity on challenges Spiritual depth to your business Peek into the month ahead.    Fun community vibe to enhance your business Develop your niche or niche down to blow up Values objectives and goals streamlined Mindfulness techniques for stress Find your client type and how to attract them If you believe in the stars, if you believe in purpose, passion and energy this is the supportive, playful & exciting ongoing group you have been looking for .

When: Mar 4, 2020 6pm in Abington, MA
Bag Full of Blues
When: Mar 14, 2020 8pm in Abington, MA