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Plainfield, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Wild Earth Intensive 2017
When was the last time you had an educational experience that shook you to the bones? That reached into your core and lit up your passion like a torch? That connected you with essential parts of yourself, other humans, and the living Earth in ways that felt eternal and profound?The Wild Earth Intensive (WEI), a 10 day transformational training, is such an experience. Together, we learn:— to be on the leading edge of cultural change.— to embody a whole new level of kinship with the natural world. — to live in a sacred manner.— to know the blessings from our ancestors and the gratitude of our descendants.— to feel love, power, and aliveness like never before.Join an intrepid group of ecological pioneers who are rediscovering thriving nature-based culture in a new way for new times. Based on Bill Pfeiffer’s widely acclaimed book, Wild Earth, Wild Soul, the WEI is a launching pad for passing on best practices to future generations. Even with every part of Earth under siege, we can enter a life-giving adventure. The Wild Earth Intensive is an opportunity to tell a new story and be absorbed into something far larger than the isolated self we’ve imagined ourselves to be.Picture yourself returning to something that feels so alive and strangely familiar. It’s an ancient place that awakens gradually in your body. You’ve tasted it before from time to time and you yearn for more. After a few days of slowing your pace, in this highly experiential immersion, imagine your new tribe getting to know you in a way that you feel seen, heard. Being understood on such a deep level, you too desire to see, hear, and touch the hearts of your fellow tribe members!With each passing day, you are surprised at the depth of your connection with the natural world. Gradually, you know the animals, plants, and rocks are your family. The smell of sweetgrass, the fire at night and stars overhead remind you that beyond the flurry and chaos of our cyber-age there is a forgotten terrain where you may seek guidance, healing and wisdom. Through soulful, life-affirming processes you begin to remember who you are in the greater story of life.There is also space to feel your pain and grief, personal and collective, and learn how to navigate chaotic times. As the week unfolds, your rich sense of connection grows. When you play, tell stories, sing, dance, make art and ceremony, commune with the elements, the birds and plants, you remember a way of life that speaks to the deepest parts of your being. Even when you feel out of sorts, the bugs are annoying, or it’s raining, you are aware that the tribe and land holds you and always has.Towards the end of the Intensive you are supported in bringing your gifts into the world. This is done systematically so that when you return to "real life" you have tools to live in a more sustained, joyful, balanced way.From the outset you are taking part in a comprehensive training based on indigenous principles. Guest elders and mentors with specific expertise in nature connection, play, storytelling, ceremony, etc come to lead the group on particular days.Cost: $1100-$1500 sliding scale (several scholarships available). Includes meals and lodging.To hold your place please deposit  $250 (refundable until April 15th, 2017) either by check:  made payable to Sacred Earth Network, 93A Glasheen Rd. Petersham MA. 01366.  Or quick online payments can be made here: paypal.me/SacredEarthNetwork OR Go to full registration now and purchase your deposit, full ticket or sliding scale ticket instantly on this page. Size: 20 participants maximum including Bill Pfeiffer and several other facilitators.

When: Jul 28, 2017 6pm in Plainfield, MA

Intimate Puja Autumn Weekend Retreat

Join me and our Intimate Puja Circle community for a weekend retreat. I’m excited about this special Intimate Puja Circle — it’s a full weekend of deep connection, heart opening, expanding into your fully embodied sexual self. This kind of immersion is your most powerful ally in becoming aware of unconscious patterns that are in your way of creating and enjoying relationships and your own sexuality. Tantric practices are simple and powerful. It’s possible to just go through the motions of the practice without presence and heart. It’s also possible that the simplest of shifts in your breathing, or movement or mindset will change your life, your happiness and your relationships completely!     From experiential exercises, including Tantric pujas, ancient and new teachings, time for reflection in nature and a small group of spiritual soul seekers like YOU, everything will be about your own Awakening. — Activate your awakened Self — Release your fear (of intimacy, love, etc.) — Learn to express and honor the divine masculine + feminine aspects of yourself and each other — Master the fine art of creating healthy boundaries — Embrace ecstasy as your birthright — Ignite intimacy in conscious community This gender balanced weekend retreat will be limited to the first 24 participants who register. My intention is to deepen our intimacy. Not only will time be on our side (having the entire weekend to luxuriate in the energy together), we will also have time in sacred workshop space to explore our boundaries, fears and desires together.  Similar to our evening Intimate Puja Circles, our weekend will be sacred, playful, heart-opening, fun, connecting, intimate, blissful, challenging, supportive and loving! There will be time to be outside, too. It’s beautiful in the Berkshires of MA.  RETREAT FEE – $575  (inquire about financial planning if needed.)  EARLY BIRD REGISTER BY AUGUST 1ST - $525 Please make an initial deposit of $150 to secure your spot. Questions? Ask Meg@ComeBacktoLove.com.   Payment includes weekend workshop, food + lodging MORE DETAILS • 6 meals starting with dinner on Friday night ending with lunch on Sunday • Beautiful dorm-style lodging accommodations in the woods • Awesome hot tub for us to enjoy together • Personal reflection time outside of workshop (cross country skiing anyone?) • Cozy spaces to curl up alone or with the rest of us For those of you new to Nine Mountain Retreats & Workshops, this is a beautiful retreat center with clothing-optional hot tub on the deck over-looking the woods and hills of Berkshire County (right on the border of the Pioneer Valley, about 45 min from Northampton, MA.) It’s beautiful there and the energy of the land and the home-grown food will add much to your experience. Sleeping accommodations are dorm-style with smaller and larger rooms; or camping outside (bring your own tent.) The beds are comfortable and the natural decor is soothing and lovely! The food, by the way, is terrific.   Here’s what people are saying: “Robyn is a great facilitator. Her relaxed style, her warmth and responsiveness to individual needs, her creativity and broad scope of knowledge all added up to a great weekend. Plus she attracted a group of wonderful participants.” ~  Massage therapist, Arlington, MA   “Thank you darling, yet again, for holding space for such a very beautiful weekend!” ~ Entrepreneur, Boston, MA   “Thank you Robyn for your loving and gentle leadership. I’m so glad to have been a part of it!” ~  World Traveler, Westchester, NY

When: Sep 22, 2017 6pm in Plainfield, MA

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About Plainfield, MA
The Town of Plainfield Massachusetts was founded in 1807 and is located in Hampshire County.

Plainfield contains about 600 year round residents.

Those in the area are encouraged to stop at the Deer Hill State Reservation as well as the Dubuque Memorial State Forest for a relaxing day outdoors to enjoy the cool breeze and scenic views