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New Marlborough Massachusetts Guide to the Town

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Amazingly, there aren't any properties available for sale here right now. Clicking the link above will take you to real estate listings in other Massachusetts cities and towns.
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New Marlborough Events
Heath Franklin's Chopper - Live from Anzakistan
As seen on TV3’s Chopper’s Republic of Anzakistan and 7 DaysThe Smash Hit of the NZ Comedy Festival is back this November for a victory lap, and Chopper’s added a swag of towns he missed the first time around.After taking over the former countries of New Zealand and Australia, then throwing out the s**t bits, Chopper’s created the world’s newest superpower Anzakistan, and he’s just the bloke to run it.He may not have any experience, but at least you know where he stands - right behind a moustache.Citizens of Anzakistan, join the revolution – harden up and book tickets now. Viva la Moustache!

When: Nov 2, 2016 8pm in Blenheim, Marlborough
Cost: $34 - $42

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The Old Inn On The Green 
134 Hartsville New Marlborough Rd.
New Marlborough, MA 01230

Dining at The Old Inn on the Green is an extraordinary experience: fine wine, great food & the dining rooms are lit entirely by candlelight & there are fireplaces in each room. In the summer months, dinner is also served outside on the garden terrace under a graceful white canopy, overlooking a large colonial flower and herb garden.
About New Marlborough, MA
The Town of New Marlborough Massachusetts was founded in 1759 and is located in southern Berkshire County.

New Marlborough is made up from the five villages of Clayton, Hartsville, Mill River, New Marlborough Village and Southfield that includes a year round population of about 2000.

When visiting New Marlborough be sure to catch the fall foliage and breathtaking sunrises which has been said to be unlike any other!